Financing Options When Making a Personal Injury Claim

The impact that making a personal injury claim can have on an individual’s finances is unfortunately enough to put them off making a claim all together; meaning they will not be compensated what they are owed after being injured in an accident through no fault of their own.

This should not be the case however, and if another person, company, or organisation is responsible for somebody’s pain and suffering; then the injured party should enlist the help of a specialist personal injury solicitor. A legal expert will be able to put together a strong case, and fight for the full amount of compensation on the individual’s behalf.

A reputable law firm will not take on a case that they do not feel confident they will be able to win. Many solicitors know the financial strain and worry that comes with starting legal proceedings, and offer their clients a ‘No Win No Fee’ scheme. This is usually offered on a case by case basis, as all personal injury claims are unique to the individual.

It is also worth checking over any home buildings/contents insurance policies you may have, to see whether you have any Legal Expenses Insurance that you have been previously unaware of. This insurance may cover the costs to pursue your claim. You can check this in your terms and conditions policy booklet, or if you are in any doubt, contact your insurance company directly.

If you believe that you deserve compensation for your injuries, you should not let pressures concerning funding deter you from making your claim. Speak to your legal team today about any uncertainties you may have.

The Psychological Impact of a Serious Accident

Accidents unfortunately happen every day, and luckily most accidents are not fatal, but even smaller ones can cause anxiety and other psychological problems such as fears, phobias and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Some of the symptoms of anxiety after an accident can include worrying, feeling irritable, unable to relax or sleep properly, being over active, having zero energy, inability to concentrate, feeling upset, angry, confused, tired, helpless or ‘out-of-control’. Going through a serious accident can be traumatic and harrowing experience which can completely turn a person’s life upside down.

If you have been struggling with living in the aftermath of an accident, it is important to get help as soon as possible. Even talking to a close friend, family member can be a huge first step to help you start getting your life back to how it was before the incident.

It is important to know that, with the right treatment and support, you can recover from a psychological disorder that has resulted from an accident that was not your fault. There are a variety of health practitioners you will be able to speak to, including your GP, psychologists, social workers, counsellors and psychiatrists.

If you have hired a personal injury lawyer to help you to make a claim for compensation for the accident, it is important that you let them know if you are suffering any psychological effects. They will be able to put these facts in your case which could help strengthen the case and increase your chance of compensation to cover the suffering you have experienced. Your solicitor will also be able to put you in touch with psychological experts who can help you through this difficult time, and ensure that you receive adequate psychological care.

The Importance of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer When Making a Claim

Suffering an injury from an accident that was not your fault can have dramatic effect on how you are able to live your day to day life. Along with dealing with any pain and suffering that injuries from the accident has left you with, it can be extremely stressful and worrying time if you are putting a personal injury claim through the courts.

I Was In An Accident That Was Not My Fault, What Do I Do?

If you are looking to make a personal injury claim, you should always enlist the help of a reputable personal injury lawyer who has experience in dealing with cases similar to yours.

It is very important that you seek professional legal advice when you are pushing for compensation. This is due to the fact that if you are claiming against another person, company or organisation, they will most probably have a strong legal team behind them whose goal is to basically, pay you as little damages as possible. For example, if you going to try and sue a premises for liability for your injuries, the properties owner’s insurance or liability insurance is going to kick in. If you have been in a road traffic accident, the insurance company for the driver who was at fault will be the ones with whom you will discuss your settlement. It is vital to remember these insurance companies will have their own interests in mind, rather than yours.

An insurance company may encourage you to settle your personal injury claim with them directly, however, this is not always a good idea. The lump sum settlement that they would offer you directly, is usually a lot less than what a personal injury lawyer would fight for on your behalf in court. A legal professional will not only seek financial compensation if you were in an accident that was not your fault; they will also ensure that you receive the best possible medical and rehabilitation care possible, ensuring that any adaptations that may need to be made to your home and transport options are accounted for in the settlement.

A specialist personal injury solicitor will be well versed in this specific area of the law, and have experience in negotiating with dealing with any underhand tactics that insurance companies may use to avoid awarding the injured party with the full amount of compensation that they deserve.


If you need to get in contact with a legal firm concerning a personal injury claim, then do not hesitate to get in touch with Tollers Personal Injury team. Tollers understand the importance of communication with their clients when they have made the decision to take legal action. They will be able to listen to your version of events and advise you if they think you have a strong claim; helping you every step of the way throughout your legal proceedings.

Going Through Legal Proceedings

Taking a claim to court can be a stressful affair for an individual to deal with. However, there are ways that you can ease yourself through this process.

One of the main concerns most people have about taking a claim to court is the strain that legal fees may put on their personal finances. Many reputable law firms will only take on cases that they are confident they will be able to win. The law firm you choose may even offer a ‘No Win No Fee’ payment scheme. This means that if they don’t manage to win your case and get you the compensation that you deserve, you will not incur any of the legal costs from your solicitor. A ‘No Win No Fee’ scheme is usually offered on a case by case basis. You should be aware that all personal injury claims are unique and there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach, which is why it is worth hiring a specialist solicitor to help you with your case.

You can help your solicitor to create a strong case by providing as much evidence to back up your claim and possible. If you are able to, try and take photos of the incident or your injuries (with the date setting switched on, on your camera). Keep a diary of your injuries and any after effects that you experience after the incident. It is also handy to keep a record of any contact that you have had with the person or organisation you are trying to claim against previous to enlisting the services of a personal injury lawyer.

I Need Some Support, Who Can Help Me?

The scars that result from a serious accident are not always just physical. Individuals are also able to claim for any psychological suffering that they have experienced due to the incident. There are a variety of organisations, schemes and charities that are able to give you support if you (or a loved one) has been injured in an accident. Speaking to somebody about the incident can help with various psychological issues and can help enormously in getting a person’s confidence back.

A personal injury solicitor will have a network of contacts of specialists in this area that that they will be able to put you in touch with; who can try and get you back on your way and help you to start feeling more like your old self again.

Knowing that you have a personal injury lawyer on your side, who is fighting your corner and only has your best interests at heart can be a great source of support and motivation. The prospect of winning your case, proving that you are right and the other side are responsible for the accident and your injuries can be a strong drive to carry on with the lawsuit.

Don’t Add Insult to Injury

If you have been in an accident due to another person’s negligence, it is not your fault that you have been injured; so don’t allow the other party to damage you financially as well as physically; speak to a personal injury solicitor today.